I'm Will...

... a singer, community organiser, and researcher in Montague, Massachusetts, with a curiously varied collection of scholarly and occupational hats. Present and past roles include building community through inclusive song leading; helping people live well with terminal illness; directing political policy for a gubernatorial candidate; coordinating volunteers and training staff for political campaigns and a fiction magazine; and serving on the board of trustees for my town's libraries and on the committee for my village's common hall.

I design and create; discover patterns, illuminate data, and communicate clearly; help people ask better questions and find their answers; and empower small communities with big ideas to organise and build a better world.

I'm a...

singer and song leader, with passions for

community organiser, inspiring communities through

writer and editor, with experience in

historical geographer, researching and writing on

home health aide, with practice in

ethnomusicologist, with academic publications on

concertina maker, experienced journeyman in

librarian, focusing on

cognitive linguist, researching and teaching

I also make maple sugar, morris dance, and draw architectural models and maps. Current projects include designing and building an electric car, a railroad, a model solar system, and an orrery.

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